Masque, Shadow, & Blade

Ship's Log - The Swift Fate

First Mate Tessa D’Angelo, personal log – final entry

Captain. Strange how a title can be identified so strongly with a specific person that it becomes almost a name… it belongs to me now, but it catches in my throat to say it. I wish I was able to rant and rage, to curse him for leaving us – leaving me – in the midst of all the chaos and strife around us, right when we needed him most. I just cant seem to bring myself to it. He is right in that I am, and have been, completely capable of running this ship and crew. And he is right that things are changing, no longer are we able to sail the seas as we see fit; every time we set sail now we risk death. In times of war, soldiers are needed. I hate writing that sentence, I hate knowing what it means. I came to his ship seeking escape, adventure, and freedom. He’s always known I could never truly escape, no matter how much I protest otherwise. Now he has gone, to sail never-ending seas with Calypso, and passed his title to me. So I will rise to his challenge. I will use everything at my disposal to keep my crew as safe as I can. I might still be a soldier, and we might get pulled into a war that costs all of us our lives, but we will hit our enemies with every ounce of our strength and might. Do not mistake me here, this is no navy vessel, and every one of us privateers is a pirate at heart, so you can be dammed sure we will go out in style, gold ringing in our pouches, with a laugh and a curse on our lips… I know no better way to honor his memory.


Captain Tessa D’Angelo, captain’s log – first entry

This world is on fire and everyone has lost their damned minds. Pentori is likely lost, I honestly don’t see how they could have withstood that siege. I cant say whether they had any warning, but from the streets it certainly looks like they did not. What in the ever-loving hells is Mistra thinking? Air ships?! Are you kidding me?! I would say that there’s no way the rest of the cities will let this go unanswered, but they’ve never been good a playing nice together. If they could get their collective heads out of their collective asses, Mistra would be in some serious shit. More likely, they’re all going to panic and flounder around, and they’re going to get picked off one by one. If Cthutos doesn’t wipe everyone off the surface before… Right. Nothing I or my ship can do about the attack on Pentori, we were damned lucky to survive at all, let alone with so few losses. It does mean, however, that there is yet another threat on the seas that we need to be extremely wary of. How do you defend against an air ship that’s carrying that much cannon? All I can do for now, is keep providing support for those of my friends who are trying to find the answers to this cursed prophecy, try to keep my crew alive, and and see we get some profit for our troubles.

On a happier note, I’m pleased that Io has accepted the position as my first mate, even if only on a temporary basis, with the crew’s blessing. This is a relief to me, I was more than a little worried he’d turn my offer down. I wouldn’t have anyone else by my side at the moment. Though I do have to say I’m not quite sure what to do with that man… he appears out of nowhere to save not only myself, but my ship and crew as well, and then decides to stay on. At this point, he can probably run this ship almost as well as I can. Every single time I’ve called on him, he’s been there, willingly doing whatever is needed, whatever I’ve asked of him. I owe him my life many times over and I trust him completely. I don’t truly understand why he stays, his own home and family are facing similar threats that we are, but I am so grateful that he’s here. I don’t think he knows how much much I’ve come to rely on him, or the peace of mind it has given me to know he is looking out for my crew. I know one day he will leave, I’ve known that since the day I met him and he even said as much when he accepted the position as first mate, but I find myself hoping that day is a very, very long way off. Selfish of me, I know.

For now, we sail back to Solandris, making stops along the way to spread word of the invasion of Pentori, and hope that things back there are not so terrible. I need to spend some time going through the capt… Aurelio’s… belongings and see if there are any tokens that I should pass along to his remaining family, or if he had any sort of “business ventures” that he hadn’t shared with me. I’ve committed to a couple contracts myself that I need to check in on soon, some logistics to work out, and of course there’s that rum to distill… The money sounds like it will be nice, and the crew certainly wont mind testing out new rum samples, but damned if I don’t feel like we’re becoming merchants! I think we might need to make some surprise inspections of other ships once we are back in Solandris waters, just to remind us all how things should be. After we’ve offloaded the current cargo & passengers, of course. I think the crew will be glad of the distraction and it’ll help build morale up again after Aurelio’s death.

We picked up some survivors from one of the Pentori ships, most will disembark at stops along the way, or at Solandris, but a few seem interested in joining the crew and staying on. I’m a touch wary, but sailors are sailors, and anyone who’s been on the sea for long knows their first loyalty has to be to the people beside them, if they wish to survive long. I’ll want to run the idea past Io to get his perspective on it, but I’m not opposed to the notion. The noble blood in me warns that it could be politically sticky to have Pentori sailors serving on a Solandris privateer crew, but I can practically hear Aurelio laughing at that. To quote him: “Let them come tell us to our faces.”

-End, Captain’s Log



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