Melisende Alessio di Caligara

Fate-Touched Priestess


As the formerly scorned youngest child of the Alessio family, Melisende has become a decidedly brash, hot-headed, and straight-to-the-point adult. Given away at a very young age to the Order of the Grey Veil, she is rather devoted to her fellow clergy and to her goddess. She has lived constantly outside the lanes of Solandris social graces and has no problem turning the entire hierarchical strata on its head – despite attempts to curb her otherwise. Melisende often uses the public assumptions of her physical appearance (sweet, innocent, and naive) to her advantage in order to take down those who oppose her and protect those she cares about. She isn’t the best liar – but is fiercely loyal, unwaveringly confident, and slightly bloodthirsty depending on the day’s events.


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Fourth and youngest child of Casteia and Pompey Alessio – sister to Oliver Alessio and Dante Alexander Alessio. Married to Graizano Caligara, sister-in-law to Santiago Caligara, daughter-in-law to Julian and Levanna Caligara. Niece to Janice Tempesta di Lumera and Georgio Lumera, cousin to Johana Lumera di Eliren, Joren Lumera, Ludus Lumera, and Faustina Lumera. Cousin to Magna Stonewald. She also retains close friendships with children of the D’Angelo, Renata Tempesta, and Aieta families.


Church of Stars (Cardinal) 35

Fellowship of the Grey Veil (Abbot) 28

Alessio Family (Donna) 26

Caligara Family (Scion) 4

Sacred Collegium (Scholar) 16

Sentinel of Solandris (Founder)

Melisende Alessio di Caligara

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