Marco De Specchio

Sly Left Hand



Bodochi Family (Agent): 17

Twilight Court (Journeyman): 22

Ivory Tower (Journeyman): 15

Sight Sword and Claw (Founder)

Church of Stars (Archon): 14

Order of the Grey Veil (Deacon): 13

Hooded Lanterns (Deacon): 13

Georgio Family (Scion): 6

The Swift Fate (Officer): 13

Sentinel of Solandris (Agent): 5


Ombra, Mercenary of the Sight, Sword, and Claw.

Faceless Man

Sin, Boatswain of The Swift Fate.

Lord Francess Georgio, Solider and Heir of the Georgio Family

Marco De Specchio

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