Catalina Renata-Tempesta

Insightful Courtier


Player: Jen Hof

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A warm smile, calm demeanor, and bright eyes mark the dutiful third daughter of the Renata-Tempestas of Solandris. Until a couple months ago, Catalina spent her time wholly dedicated to studies at the mage academy. While her studies have continued, her primary residence has shifted to her sister’s estate and rumors are that her family is seeking out marriage prospects.

Catalina is an abjurer, and is a TA at the Arcane Academy of Solandris ( Abjuration & Intregrity ). She also has a known interest in ancient artifacts and research, having participated in a number of expeditions seeking elvish ruins.

Mother: Rosa Renata Tempesta (NPC)
Father: Franco Renata Tempesta (NPC)
Aunt: Gloria Renata Tempesta (NPC)
Uncle: Joseph Renata Tempesta (NPC)

Eldest Sister: Cecily Renata Tempesta di Solana (PC)
Elder Brother: Antonio Renata Tempesta (NPC)
Sister-in-law: Sophie Finch di Renata-Tempesta (PC)


Renata Family (Courtier): 21

Tempesta Family (Courtier): 20

Arcane Academy (Journeyman): 18

Sentinel of Solandris (Founder)

Catalina Renata-Tempesta

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